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             IN MEMORIAM....
    • IKHSAN BIN SULAIMAN, Engineer; Pioneer, Kelab Melayu London ... 6 Feb '18
    • SHIRLEY LOO (LIM) NGAI SEONG, VP, DBS, Singapore (Head Girl 1958) ... 4 Dec '17
    • JAGDISH SINGH DHALIWAL, Fin Controller, then VP, Multimedia Dev Corp (VI 1969) ... 8 Nov '17
    • ABDUL RAHIM BIN CHE TEH, VI Headmaster 1976-1978 ... 7 Nov '17
    • MOHD IWAZ KARIM, Head, Implmtn & Coord Unit, PM's Dept (VI 1961) ... 20 Oct '17
    • YAP MOO LEN, Mktg Mgr, S'gor Pewter; Dir, Koala Hill Crafts, Sydney (VI 1963) ... 11 Oct '17
    • ARUMUGAM GANENDRAN, First Hd, Dept of Anaesthesiology, Fac of Med, UM; Estab'd first ICU & pioneered first open heart surgery in M'sia (VI 1946) ... 18 Sep '17
    • AW TAR CHING, Prof & Hd, Dept of Comm'ty Med & Hlth Sc, UAE Univ (VI 1965) ... 17 Jul '17
    • Dato Dr RAMACHANDRA NADARAJAN, Med Doctor, JP (VI 1952) ... 27 June '17
    • VINCENT VOO (VI Teacher 1958-1971) ... 28 May '17


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    ISBN: 978-983-43778-2-3
    Author: Lim Meng Sing
    Print Length: 326 pages
    Publisher: CMN & Associates (May 22, 2017)
    Publication Date: May 22, 2017
    Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
    Language: English

    The author writes:

    'The Western mind is liberal and the Chinese and Eastern, contemplative, and both cultures invite me into their infinitely rich and splendid worlds. From either garden, I can pick the most beautiful flowers….' and 'The fountain of wisdom is never dry and, from it, I drink the purest water to my heart’s content…'.

    The author grew up in the then Malaya which had been under British control as a crown colony since 1867 before it gained its independence in 1957.

    This memoir covers the most formative stage of the author’s life up to 1957 when he was seventeen. It gives a rare insight into the period of British colonial rule, his parents and their profound influences on him growing up in a strict traditional family steeped in Confucian values, their struggle with poverty, his quest for meaning as an adolescent, the sociology of Klang, his birthplace, his school-days and his teachers, his musical awakening and his humanism.

    ' My life would never have been the same had I not switched from a Chinese to an English-medium school when I was seven’.

    A precocious child, he was soon attracted to English poetry and began writing poems for the annual school magazine when he was twelve. He wrote in the Preface to his anthology The Heart Has Its Reasons (Poems of Love and Life): A Personal Perspective: 'It was the start of my journey into the greatest joy of my life which coincided with my passionate love of Western classical music'.

    Lim received his PhD (avec la mention bien) from the Institute of Social Studies, Catholic University of Paris, in 1974. He lives with his wife of 53 years in Melbourne. They have two grown-up sons and a young grandson.

    Lim is a self-taught composer and violinist and, in his spare time, performs for charities.

    Sample pages: Click here
    To order, click here

    KT Joseph: A Malaysian at Heart

    ISBN: 978-967-12600-0-5
    Compiler: Ahmad Husni
    Description: Compilation of biographical essays written by 12 authors.
    Retail Price in Malaysia: RM40.00 at MPH
    Available at RM35.00 directly from Ahmad Husni.
    Contact him at

    This book is a Biography and a Life Story of Emeritus Professor Dr. KT Joseph, as much as it is about the person that he truly was, his illustrious career and selfless contributions to the nation. It is a successful compilation of biographical essays written by 12 authors who are his family members, former colleagues, student and some of his closest friends who have come together to pay homage and tribute to this scholar. The co-authors include: Abu Bakar Hamid, Khoo Kay Kim, Francis Morsingh, Azizah Hamzah, Rahel Joseph & Dr. JK Joseph, Chew Poh Soon, Hashim Yaacob, Amrita Mukerji, Clifton Wharton Jr., Sheila Joseph and Ahmad Husni. The essays in the book were written as a series of successive writings on The University of Malaya and its illustrious leaders and notables. The book itself bears witness to a remarkable life story covering several sides of a highly respected man whom many have regarded as a learned scientist that had successfully bridged the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The true nature as a learned scholar, his savoir faire, as well as anguish at certain issues pertaining to his struggles to make sense of what was happening in academia, in higher education and his love, the University of Malaya, is well captured in the foregoing pages of the book. The Foreword is written by Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Utama Arshad Ayub, Chairman of University of Malaya Board of Directors. The members of the editorial team comprising of Datuk Dr. Abu Bakar Hamid, Dato’ Dr. Hashim Yaacob and Dr. Azizah Hamzah, are all from University of Malaya. In honour of Dr. KT Joseph, the book is published by Sahz Holdings Sdn. Bhd., and the essays in the book was compiled by its co-owner Ahmad Husni.

    Ahmad Husni bin Datuk Ahmad Zainal Abidin was born in Linggi, Negeri Sembilan. He is the CEO of Sahz Holdings (Sahz) since 2001. In 1985, he helped incorporate Terra-Control Technologies and served this Sapura subsidiary as its Financial Controller and Senior Manager until 1993. He was appointed Deputy Project Director of Sapura-Tomen-Harris Consortium in 1994 to successfully complete the Total Airport Management Systems project at KLIA in 1998. After his one year sabbatical leave in 1999, he returned from Australia with Master of Technology Management to rejoin Sapura as General Manager of Sapura Airport Technologies (2000 - 2001). He started Sahz Solutions (MSC Status Company) in 2001 and collaborated with the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus (UNMC) to develop Malaysia’s first Super-capacitors in 2007. He was also a member UNMC’s Industrial Advisory Board (2005 - 2012). Sahz published its first book, a biography of Dr. KT Joseph in 2015 and is planning to publish more books in the future.


    SWEET OFFERINGS (ISBN 9789814328449): Set between the late 1930s and 1960s, Sweet Offerings is the tale of Mei Yin, a young Chinese girl from an impoverished rural family in Malacca. Her destiny is shaped when she is sent to Kuala Lumpur to become the ward and companion of the tyrannical and bitter Su Hei who is looking for a suitable wife for her son Ming Kong … and ultimately a grandson and heir to the family dynasty. Sweet Offerings is not just a fictional story of the events that ripped one family apart, but a taste of Malaysia's historical, political and cultural changes during its transition from colonial rule to independence and beyond. The story ends in 1969 when ethnic conflict tore the country apart. Reviews:" … A very down-to-earth book with down-to-earth characters whom you cannot help but be drawn to. It has certainly been an absorbing and enjoyable read."Choose and Book, Cambridge.UK "A sweeping turbulent family saga which begins in Malaysia ... a country teeming with political upheaval and cultural changes.The dramatic personal stories of Mei Yin and Nelly, first and second wife to the same man, are the best reasons for giving this book a go – not forgetting the mother-in-law from hell." Whichbook

    BITTER-SWEET HARVEST (ISBN 9789814351683): When An Mei fell in love with Hussein, she could not have foreseen the tragic events that were to follow. Set in a Malaysia emerging from the outbreak of racial conflict in 1969, Bitter-Sweet Harvest tells of the difficulties and tensions involved in a marriage between a Malay Muslim and a Chinese Christian. Atmospheric, dramatic, action-packed and intriguing, this is a spell-binding journey through contrasting cultures: from the learned spires of Oxford in England to the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia; from vibrant Singapore to Catholic Rome and developing Indonesia. Bitter-Sweet Harvest is the sequel to the novel Sweet Offerings. The stories can be read in any order and are complete in themselves. Reviews: "... a superbly told love story that will tug at your heartstrings and the dilemma easily identifiable in today's society and among families just as much as it was an emerging issue fifty odd years ago. I reckon Chan Ling Yap is a born story-teller" Choose and Book, UK "I was intrigued and found myself drawn to the well-fleshed out and believable characters in the book, particularly the feisty An Mei." Vanessa Tai, Cosmopolitan Singapore " An evocative sense of South East Asia that you can almost taste. The story zips along, from Oxford to Malaysia, Singapore and Italy, bringing to life a huge range of subjects, including history, politics, food, illness and culture…. A rare insight into inter-racial and inter-faith relationships, this is an enjoyable and page-turning read." Amazon

    NEW BEGINNINGS (ISBN 9789814408615): In the southern Province of Guangxi amidst the turmoil of the Taiping Rebellion and the Opium War, a woman is kidnapped and her husband shipped out to Singapore as indentured labour. This is a moving story of the scourge of opium and one man's plight and rise in fortune in British Malaya. New Beginnings takes the same family in Sweet Offerings and Bitter-Sweet Harvest back to the time when their forefathers first arrive in Malaya. In it you will see the beginnings of Kuala Lumpur. Reviews: "Chan Ling Yap’s third novel has all the assurance of her first two successes – and more. A strong story line, deftly rendered in brief and readable instalments, takes us from the turbulence of a China unmercifully exploited with opium by the western powers in Victorian times, to the race and clan rivalries of an emerging Singapore and Malaya." Bill Jackson Editor, The Corporal and the Celestials, Ulster Historical Foundation, 2007 ".... compelling with a “page turning” quality. The characters are well rounded, and you feel that you know them well as you proceed. It is however, the historical research underpinning the story that is outstanding. I felt by the end that I had become an expert in aspects of Chinese and Malay history in the colonial era, as though having been given an armchair ride by the author." Amazon

    A FLASH OF WATER (ISBN 9789814677769): The year is 1883. China is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. In the countryside antagonism against foreigners and missionaries is growing and the warlords are at large. Li Ling, a young peasant girl in China, flees to Malaya to escape being made a concubine to a warlord only to find herself tricked into becoming a second wife to a rich man with sadistic tendencies. Her life became intertwined with that of her rescuer, Shao Peng, in a Malaya that was rapidly transforming under British rule. A Flash of Water gives insight to some of the main characters in Sweet Offerings. Reviews: This is yet another triumph for Chan Ling Yap. Beautifully written and very difficult to put down. Amazon

    Together the novels form a quadrilogy, which traces the lives of one family against the turbulent political, economic and social changes in China and Malaya. The books are complete in themselves. New Beginnings won the Popular Reader's Choice Award, a first prize in fiction, in 2014. Sweet Offerings and Bitter-Sweet Harvest were shortlisted for the prize.

    Physical copies of the books are available in bookshops in Malaysia, especially Kunikuniya, Times, Borders and Popular book stores as well as Amazon. Kindle versions are available on Amazon.

    WHERE THE SUNRISE IS RED is Chan Ling's fifth novel. The story is set during the Emergency in Malaya, sometimes called the Forgotten War. Like her other novels, it provides insight to the turbulent history of the country, and especially the Chinese in Malaysia.
    When young and naive Ruth set out to look for her husband Mark in Malaya in 1950, little did she expect to find herself in a country split by warring factions and ideology and a rival for her husband's love that is as lovely and exotic as May. A story of human resilience, lies, treachery and love set during the Emergency in Malaya.
    "The backdrop is Malaya in its twilight years as a British possession, and Malaysia in its dawning, with the cruel Emergency period between as centre ground. As ever, the author tells how it was, with complete objectivity and fairness where concerns the evanescent expatriate Brits, the aristo Malays and the thrusting Chinese. A tangled web of love stories it may be, yet there is suspense on every page. But whatever else is suspended, it is never our belief in the characters or the action. An excellent, enjoyable read." - Bill Jackson, Editor, The Corporal and the Celestial
    "Although Chinese May and English Ruth and their children become close friends, there have been many misunderstandings and intrigues along the way. What first appears to be a conventional love story, soon develops into one of intrigue, sexual tension and tragedy. The pace is fast and there is plenty of action to keep you wanting to turn the page. This book enthralled me. I could not put it down." - Julia Appleton, President, Princes Risborough Morning WI.


    ISBN: 978-983-43778-2-3
    Author: Chuah Guat Eng
    Description: Collection of 12 short stories.
    Retail Price in Malaysia: RM25.00
    Available for sale/orders from Silverfishbooks, No. 28-1, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, 59100, Malaysia
    +60 3-2284 4837

    Dream Stuff is a collection of 12 stories written between 1992 and 2014. A few have appeared in various local publications and anthologies; most are being published for the first time. The stories are diverse. They range from the "short short" to the "nearly-novella", and they take you from pre-Independence Malaya/Malaysia to "a new galactic universe 200 mega centiniums" in the future - or is it the past? In these stories you hear the voices of a variety of narrators and characters, among them an eight-year old child confused by the way adults use - or fail to use - language; a reclusive old woman hiding a dark secret; an ageless, deathless Aranean harpist, "the last and the best" on the planet Tarron. They invite you to enter their worlds and share their dreams - daydreams, night dreams, haunting dreams, dreams verging on nightmares, nightmares that become their lives, and lives that become nightmares.

    Chuah Guat Eng's other works:

    Echoes of Silence [ISBN 9789839132014]
    Tales from the Baram River [ISBN 9789676111487]
    The Old House & Other Stories [ISBN 9789834377809]
    Days of Change [ISBN 9789834377816]

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